Membership 101: FAQ


Disclaimer: Your First Avenue Membership is subject to First Avenue’s rules and conditions. Use of your Membership indicates acceptance of these rules and conditions. First Avenue is not liable for any loss or expenses resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of your Membership. First Avenue reserves the right to revoke a Member’s Membership and any related privileges for any reason at any time. Please see note on SCALPING at the bottom of the FAQ.


Can I buy a Membership as a gift?

Of course! During the purchasing process, you’ll be presented with the option of buying a Membership for yourself or giving a Membership as a gift.

If you have any questions, or need assistance purchasing a gift Membership, please email us at

When is my Membership valid?

Memberships are valid January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

All 2021 Memberships expire on December 31, 2021 regardless of date of purchase.

What does “subject to availability, special events excluded” mean?

This option is limited, and might not always be available.

Can I get a refund?

All Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I share a Membership? Or let a friend use my card?

Sorry. If a Member card is used by anyone other than the Member whose name is on the card, the card will be confiscated and all benefits will be revoked without refund.

Revoked Members can still attend shows and be a customer of First Avenue, but are no longer welcome as First Avenue Members.


On the date of your actual birthday, you get in with a buddy free. This perk is good in the Mainroom, Entry, at the Fine Line, and the Turf Club. If you are over 21, make sure to ask for your free bottle of champagne (Mainroom) or drink ticket (Entry). Happy Birthday!

Note: This is an unadvertised perk for all First Avenue patrons, but Members ask about it a lot.

Note 2: This perk is not available at the Fitzgerald Theater or Palace Theatre.

Where do I find set times?

First Avenue posts set times as soon as we receive them via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Usually, we post them the day of the show, about two hours prior to doors.

Can I bring my underage child to shows?

Underage persons can attend age-limited events at First Avenue, the 7th St Entry, the Fine Line, Fitzgerald Theater, or the Palace Theatre only if they are accompanied by their own parent or legal guardian.

In addition, there must be proof of guardianship such as an ID or birth certificate. You will not be allowed to consume alcohol at any time while you're with the minor, and you must stay with them at all times. A ticket is required for all persons two years of age or older.

Underage persons are not allowed to attend shows at the Turf Club.

Does First Avenue offer medical seating?

We have limited medical seating.

For First Avenue, the Fine Line, or Turf Club, contact our office Monday through Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm at 612.338.8388 or email about making necessary accommodations.

For the Palace Theatre, you must claim ADA seating by calling our ticket provider, Etix, at 1-800-514-3849.

What if my email changes?

If you need to change your email address, please email so we can update it.  Otherwise, you'll miss out on the weekly newsletter and other important Membership information.


How do Sell Out Alerts work?

The Members site and weekly newsletter give you a list of which shows are on the verge of selling out.

  • Yellow Alerts mean the show will probably sell out by the day of the show.
  • Red Alerts mean that the show will sell out almost immediately - and more than likely no tickets will be available at the door.
Member presale passwords

Member presales allow you to purchase tickets before the general public for select shows. Presale passwords are in the weekly newsletter we send out via email on Wednesday evenings. 
Please note: presales do not guarantee your ability to purchase tickets.

Where’s my Member card?

Star Memberships are digital and do not receive physical Member cards. Digital Membership cards are found at the bottom of the weekly Member newsletter emailed out on Wednesday evenings.

Gold and Platinum members receive their physical Membership card via mail, and also have a digital card at the bottom of the weekly email.

Can I get the merch discount online?

Unfortunately, not yet. For now you can receive the 10% merch discount in person only at the Depot Tavern, First Avenue, and the Turf Club. ...Fine Line coming soon.

Can I still get a discount at The Depot, Turf Club, & Fine Line if I forgot my card?

Yes! As long as you are a current Member and have a valid photo ID, staff can check their Member list for your name and apply the 10% discount.

Reminder: The Depot, Turf Club, and Fine Line 10% discount only applies to food and beverages, not tickets.

What’s a “Member Free Show (+1)?” Do I need to RSVP?

Member Free Shows (+1) mean all Members, regardless of level, get in free with a guest. You do not need to RSVP--just bring your Member card, a valid ID, and a guest.

Member Free Shows (+1) are listed in the Wednesday newsletter and on the Member Blog.


What’s the texting service?

Gold and Platinum Members may opt-in to a texting service that alerts you whenever we release tickets for a formerly Sold Out show. As of April 2020, this service is on hold until further notice.

At times, we may also notify Members via the Facebook group.

Where’s my Member card?

Gold and Platinum Member cards are personalized and need to be custom made. Only new Members, or those with a changed Membership level, receive Member cards.

Member cards for 2021 will be mailed out at a time TBD. If you lost your card, please email

I lost my Membership Card. Can I get a replacement?

Yes! Contact us at and we'll get you a new card as soon as we can.

There is a $10.00 replacement fee for all reissued cards.

Can I really use my Member tickets for any show?

Yes, but the number of free Member tickets for each show are limited, and the most popular shows are claimed quickly. Tickets are available to shows all year long, so if you miss one, don’t worry, as we bet there will be another show you’re dying to see soon--or perhaps take a chance on an artist you just haven't discovered yet.

NOTE: Shows held at outside venues (Palace Theatre, State Theatre, Myth, Fine Line, etc.) won’t be on the list of available options.

How do I claim Member tickets?

When logged in to the Member site, click on SHOWS in the menu bar to see the calendar.

If a show listing has “Select” next to it, that show is available. If a show has “Claimed” next to it, those Member tickets are no longer available.

Clicking the "Select" button takes you to an Etix page to check out. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Etix. Member tickets are generated as paperless Will Call tickets, and can only be redeemed with your Member card and a valid ID at the venue door on the night of the show. Remember, Member tickets are non-transferable.

Please note: Changing the shows from "Select" to "Claimed" is a manual process and sometimes it takes us a little bit to flip the switch. If a show looks available, but says "SOLD OUT" once you click through, there are no longer open tickets -- the button just hasn't been flipped.

A Mainroom show was just announced. How soon can I select that show with my Member tickets?

Member tickets open up to coincide with a Member presale, if there is one. For example, if a presale begins Thursday at 10am, the Member tickets should be available for selection at the same time.

Member tickets without a presale generally open up one day before tickets go on sale to the public. For example, if a show goes on sale to the public Friday at noon, Member tickets are generally available at noon on Thursday.

If a Mainroom event is announced and goes on sale simultaneously, Member tickets are available for Members as soon as we can get them online.

Please remember adding Member tickets is a manual process, and we try to add them as soon as possible.

When selecting Member tickets, I’m asked for a Member ID. Where do I find my Member ID?

Your Member ID is a 10-or 11-digit code that Etix uses to identify you as a current Member. Older Member IDs start with an 8 or 9; newer IDs start with a 10 or 13 and are 11-digits.

This number was included in the initial email you received after purchasing your Membership. It is also at the bottom of the Wednesday newsletter each week.

If your card has been misplaced, contact and we can assist you in recovering your Member number.

I claimed my Member tickets, but now I’m out-of-town/busy/sick. Can I exchange them for a different show?

Yes, we can make that work. Email at least 24-hours in advance of the show you want to exchange. Any requests made less than 24-hours in advance OR on the weekend will not be honored.

Please note, after three exchanges, we’ll cut you off.

How do Mainroom Member tables work?

The first Member to check in at the Express Coat Check within an hour of doors gets a Member’s table. Tables are released on a first-come, first –(re)served basis. We always try to reserve more than one table per show, so it’s worth asking if any Member tables are available when you arrive. If Members don’t claim a table, it is released to other concert attendees an hour or so after doors open.

Please note: you will be guided to a specific table upon check in, so please don’t just sit down anywhere. You MUST check in at the door in order to receive a Member table. If you do not check in, you may be asked to vacate the table to accommodate a Member who did.

Each Member table comes with two chairs - and only two chairs. Please do not move chairs from other tables to accommodate friends or a larger group.

Holding a table? Unfortunately, Member tables cannot be held. The table must stay generally occupied throughout the night or it will open to other patrons of the show. We do not police tables to ensure someone else does not sit there.

*Remember* if you are a Gold Member who uses Expedited Entry via a Platinum Member, only one of you is allowed to claim a table.

How do I get my Member gift?

Gold and Platinum Members will receive notification via Facebook and the weekly newsletter when gifts are available. 2020 Member gifts were rolled over into 2021.

*Star Members do not receive Member gifts.

I forgot to use my Member tickets! Can I roll them over to next year, or gift them to another Member?

Member tickets are only good for the calendar year of your Membership. For example, you cannot roll over 2018's unused tickets to 2019.

We do not allow the transfer of Member tickets - you must "use 'em or lose 'em."

I claimed a Member ticket, but forgot about the show / was sick / didn’t go. Now what?

If you forget to use a Member ticket you "claimed," you cannot have it released back to you. As your name was on the list, a spot at the show was held for you and we could not sell or give it to another person.

You must request a ticket release at least 24-hours before the show, or your ticket is considered used.


An Entry or Turf Club show is sold out. Can I still get in with my Platinum Membership?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you entrance due to capacity restrictions. However, usually the first Platinum Member to arrive gets in - and either way you can check in with the door person and should anyone take off, you can get in (Subject to manager's discretion).

NOTE: Being in the Clown Lounge pre-show does not guarantee your ability to get into a super sold out show.

How does Express Entry work?

Express Entry is for all Mainroom shows. Skip the line by heading to the middle door of the Mainroom entrance. Show your Platinum Member card to the staff member and they will walk you to the cashier to take your ticket.

Please make sure that you have your Platinum Member card and a valid government-issued ID.

Note: You are allowed one Member table per Express Entry group, so even if you have a Gold Member with you, they cannot claim a table if they come through Express Entry.

Note 2: Express Entry is not early entry. It just means you get to skip the line.

Can Platinum Members get friends in through the Express Entry?

Yes! You and one friend get to skip the line.

Note: You are limited to ONE Member table per Express Entry group, so if you bring in another Member buddy they will not be allowed to claim an additional table.

How many coats can Platinum Members check for free?

Complimentary Express Coat Check is for you and one guest.

Express Coat Check is available at the front entrance to the Mainroom, behind the ticket counter in the 7th St Entry, or in the basement of the Turf Club (outside the Clown Lounge).

Will I get a warning before an Entry or Turf Club show sells out?

Sell Out Alerts warn you when an Entry or Turf Club show is nearing its sell-out point, and can be found in the weekly Member e-mail or on the Blog. Since your Platinum Card can’t get you into a show that’s already at legal fire capacity, we recommend buying tickets if you absolutely must see a show.

How do I purchase tickets to sold out Mainroom shows?

Platinum Members can purchase a maximum of four tickets to Mainroom shows that sell out within 10 days of going on sale. (Subject to availability, special events excluded.) Just email us with your request, and we'll hook you up!

This perk does not apply to any shows outside of the First Avenue Mainroom.

Please note: These buys are done at the day-of price if there is one, plus a 3% CC fee. If there is no day-of price, we add $3 and then calculate the additional CC fee.

Fee-Free Tickets for Platinum Members

Platinum Members may purchase tickets in-person at the Depot Tavern or Turf Club without any additional ticket fees. This offer is only good at those two locations and does not apply at any of First Avenue's outside ticket outlets. Members must show a valid ID and current Platinum Member card to claim this offer.

*Reminder: Presales are online only, and will not be available for fee-free purchases.

SIDE NOTE: Scalping Tickets

First Avenue Membership is for live music diehards and people who live for going to shows. We welcome those who want to be a part of our First Avenue family and the Twin Cities music community. Memberships are not for people wanting to make a quick buck. You cannot scalp tickets on any platform as part of the Member program, regardless of when or where you purchased the tickets.

We understand things come up and you can’t always make it to the show--that’s why we created a Members Only Facebook group. A fair ticket trade? Selling tickets for face + fees? Giving away tickets you bought but can’t use? All a-ok!

Selling tickets for prices above face value + fees on any platform (regardless of where tickets were purchased) is expressly forbidden. Ticket scalping is not in the spirit of the First Avenue or our Membership program. Any Member caught scalping tickets will immediately have their Membership revoked without refund.

Any questions can be directed to